increase security of your applications and IT environment with the most reliable technology to identify a user

secured connection to a company network
protection of private data on a web site
access to special services for customers
loyalty points system for traders
secured subscription
internal payment tool
access card to record presence of someone
and much more with our identification card for internet application
What is the CQRE card ?
A smart card that allows identification of its user on the internet.
What is the purpose of the CQRE card ?
Replace or enhance the use of a password to access protected data or operations.
What is the advantage over using a password ?
  • A password can be disclosed, voluntarily or not, the smart card is tamper-proof and unique.
  • Typing a password takes a long time, inserting a card into the reader is immediate, making the validation process faster.
What is the advantage over a more modern solution, such as a contactless card (RFID) or a smartphone ?
A classic smart card is still the safest and cheapest way to protect information. This technology remains one of the most accessible, a reader is easily found on the market for a ridiculous price and the card is easy to carry.
What is the difference with an electronic identity card ?
The CQRE smart card has two major differences compared to an electronic identity card :
  • no validation with a PIN code,
  • no private data on the card.
These two features are advantages in certain circumstances (speed of use, anonymous and non-personal card). The CQRE card and the electronic identity card are complementary.
What is needed to use the CQRE smart card ?
  • Validation module : integrated into a website, this autonomous application validates a connection to the site with the CQRE card.
  • User software : installed on the user's computer, WITHOUT the need for administrator privileges, this application allows to use the CQRE card.
  • Classic smart card reader : it is necessary to read the CQRE card.
What's the price ?

Basic rates, valid until 06/30/2019.

CQRE card unit price 15 €
excl. VAT
license of use (required to buy cards and receive help) annual fee 350 €
excl. VAT
customized services (installation, adaptation, maintenance, ...) hourly rate, excl. travel expenses 120 €
excl. VAT

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